Must-Have Products

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Laticrete Expands NXT Portfolio
Laticerete has expanded its NXT product line with the addition of two high-performance self-leveling underlayments (SLU), NXT Level Plus and NXT Level Flow (pictured here). NXT Level Plus is an advanced SLU that pours directly over more compromised substrates than ever before, thus eliminating extra steps, labor, materials and time. NXT Level Flow is a value-engineered SLU featuring pumpable, easy-to-use and high flow benefits that meets the current demand for entry-level cementitious self-leveling underlayment projects. Photo: Laticrete.
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Maxxon Commercial Gyp-Fix EZ Patch
Gyp-Fix EZ is a high-strength patch that bonds to common subfloors including concrete and gypsum, making it an effective solution anywhere a patch or skimcoat is needed. Photo: Maxxon.
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DriTac 8801 OmniShield
DriTac 8801 OmniShield is a 1.85mm semi-ridged protective foam that provides scratch and dent resistance for newly installed floors and surfaces. OmniShield is breathable, allowing free air flow of surface moisture, while preventing the penetration of spills. Boasting anti-crush mechanical properties, in addition to a tear resistant fused-film layer, OmniShield can protect concrete, stone, tile, wood, linoleum, furniture, countertops and more. Photo: DriTac.
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Ecore's New E-Gripp 99 Adhesive
E-Grip 99 by Ecore is a one-part modified urethane adhesive designed for extremely high moisture applications in a substrate with up to 99% RH. E-Grip 99 can be used with all VCR products and vinyl/LVT over concrete. Photo: Ecore.